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Select Stock Dog Sales is an exclusive auction company for stock dogs of all breeds - Border Collies, Kelpies, Hangin' Trees, Catahoulas, Heelers, Livestock Guardian dogs,

 you name it!

Note: Consignment registration can only be done from a desktop, not from a mobile device

Select Stock Dog Sales does not only welcome all stock dog breeds!

Stock dog related items such as dog trailers, horse trailers with dog kennels etc. are welcome for consignment as well!

If you have a stock dog related item for sale contact us for consignment

How to sell 


Things that will benefit your sale

Select Stock Dog Sales provides sellers with a professional platform that is easy to use. 

If you have a dog that you want to sell on our auction you simply reach out to us by filling out our consignment form posted below or send us an Email at:

Consignment Fees (US Funds):

Dogs 6 months and older

Without Reserve price: $200

With Reserve price: $400

Dogs 6 months or less

Without Reserve price: $100

With Reserve: $150

All dogs will be required to be microchipped and have a current health certificate as provided herein issued by a veterinarian max 15 days before the auction takes place. 

Note: The Health certificate must be the one provided by Select Stock Dog Sales. No other health certificate will be accepted. Download instructions and sample as provided below before visiting your veterinarian.

Note: Microchip number must be noted on health certificate.

Consignment Registration form must be completed and submitted at least 15 days before the auction date.

  • Pedigree

  • Videos showing your dog's level of training in different scenarios

  • Hip test results

  • DNA/CEA test results

  • For trialed dogs - List of achievements and Lifetime Earnings (LTE)

  • Lifetime Money Produced (LTMP)

Health Certificate

Instructions and Sample of completed Health Certificate

Send us an Email





1. Can I sell my dog without a pedigree?

Answer: Yes, it is up to the buyer to choose whether they want to buy a dog with a pedigree or not.

2. What is Lifetime Money Produced (LTMP)

Answer: LTMP is the amount of money a stud has earned in stud fees or a female has earned in puppy sales during their lifetime.

3. Can I sell my dog without Hip test, DNA/CEA test?

Answer: Yes, it is up to the buyer to choose whether they want to buy a dog with these tests or not.

4. How many videos and pictures can I submit of my dog?

Answer: You can submit 6 different videos and 6 pictures. 

5. What is the minimum age for a dog to be on the Sale?

Answer: 12 weeks and current on vaccinations.

6. How do I pay the consignment fee?

Answer: After filling out the consignment form you will receive an Email within 24 hours confirming your submission along with a payment link. Payment can be made with a debit or credit card.

7. What is a "Reserve Price"?

Answer: This is an option you have as a Seller where you can place a reserve price on your dog where the dog will not be sold unless the bidders meet that price. The Reserve price will not show on the auction platform for the bidders and it can not be changed after bidding has started.

8. Who pays the commission?

Answer: An 8% auction commission will be charged to the buyer on top of the sales price. If your dog does not sell or meet the reserve price no commission will be charged.

Consignment Registration Form

Consignment Registration

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